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Prophecy Update

Soon and Very Soon…

 Do you realize that you are living in, TheTime of the Signs”?  Most might have that backwards as the signs of the times.  This is truly the Time of the Signs that the Bible has spoken of since the beginning of Creation.  Prophecy is littered throughout the entire Holy Scripture (more than 10,300 verses), some say nearly 1/3 of God’s Word is prophecy.  Daniel 2:28 says, “There is a God in Heaven that reveals mysteries or secrets”. We know that many prophecies have been fulfilled; the birth of Jesus, the re-birth of Israel as a nation, the history of the kingdoms of the world as revealed to Daniel the prophet, the captivity of the Jews into Babylon and their release after 70 years, the arrival of Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday on the day told 500+ years before it happened and so many others.  But what about the prophetic words concerning, “The End of the Age”?  Not only the prophets, but Jesus Himself gave incredible detail of what the world would look like in these days.

When you look around and look throughout the world through the lens of the Bible and the words of Jesus, it is hard to deny that all of the conditions in Matthew 24 and throughout His Word are right before us today.  There is no better place to look for what is on the horizon than in the Book of Revelation given to John, the words given to Daniel the prophet, the very words of Jesus Himself to His Apostles and the many writings of Paul the Apostle warning the church of the soon (rapid, swift) return of Jesus.

Here I will search the World News, God’s Word and watch Israel as the soon return of Jesus for His Bride approaches.  Are you “Looking UP” and anticipating the eminent return of The Savior?  Will He return as a “Thief in the Night” and catch you asleep or will you be watching and waiting to “Meet Him in the air” when the Trumpet Blows?


Jerusalem Arabs to Israel: Don't Give Away Your Sovereignty

Arutz Sheva IsraelNationalNews.com

by Hillel Fendel

The Knesset Interior Committee will hear today
from Jerusalem Arabs who do not want to come under control of the Palestinian
The committee is holding a special session this morning regarding
Israeli policy in the neighborhoods of eastern and northern Jerusalem.

Several MKs called for the Knesset to deal with
the matter, in light of the creeping control that Israel is apparently allowing
the PA to take over parts of the capital.

“Signs of Israeli sovereignty are disappearing in parts of Jerusalem that are
behind the partition fence,”
say MKs Aryeh Eldad, Uri Ariel and others, “and
their place is being taken by hostile elements. This, despite the lack of any
decision by the Knesset or the government on the matter.”

“This purposeful impotence leads to the de facto
division of Jerusalem,”
the MKs continue, “which stands in direct contrast to
the official policy of the Government of Israel – and is against the will of
most of the Israeli citizens in these neighborhoods.”

Jerusalem lands activists Aryeh King said before
the session that he plans to present photographs of PA policemen directing
traffic in Jerusalem neighborhoods, PLO flags waving on porches, signs of
official PA government offices sponsoring public works in the capital, and

King also said that many Arabs in Jerusalem look
very askance at the government of Israel for giving up its sovereignty over
their homes - and some of them have been invited to speak at the Knesset
session. “This is the first time they’re coming out publicly in this way,” King
said. “Yes, it’s dangerous for them, but they see that what’s happening will
lead directly to their children and grandchildren growing up in a terrorist
hothouse. They have been placed in a walled ghetto, and then a terrorist regime
will control them. Who would ever agree to live like that?”

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